Morphogenetic center - Thomas Steinmann
DEEP BLUE - water diagnosis
In regard to institutions concerned with water we think of ourselves as something special.
We do not measure degrees in acidity or hardness, do not look for bacteria, nitrates or other chemicals, but we do compound the quality of water in pictures and show thereby waters weaknesses and strength in ist natural flowing processes.
We are portraying:
  • the condition of your waters life force
  • changes in water following corrections of the environment - be it good or bad
  • the effects of imbibing water of different qualities on your organism – be it good or bad
  • den condition of your bodies water
In case of a disturbance of the water stored in your body we offer individually fitting solutions.
We will help you to find solutions for your drinking water and washwater that give you optimal value for your money without being overly expensive. We are using quality criteria which are mirroring the high standard of our technology.
Please look at all the observations cited as phenomena of lifes processes.
We are working currently at a system of graduation as well as on „in vitro“ experimentations and on microbiological researches.
We are going to explain some part of our technology in greater detail.
To portray the quality of water we concentrate on the crystallisation technique developed by Steinmann which allows fargoing interpretation.  
Based on more than 25 years of earlier experiences our research on water crystallisation for diagnostic purpose started in 2001.  
Our first time presentation of these developements we gave at the "Kongress für Wasser und Salz “ (congress for water and salt) on November 18th, 2001.  
In spring 2002 we expanded our technology by adding the measurement of sound absorption according to L. Antensteiner of Upper Austria.
Until summer 2003 Mr. Antensteiner did these experiments, now we are doing them at our institute.
In June 2003 Mrs. Minnie Hein lead us to the microscopy of crystals. Currently we are getting used to this method.