Morphogenetic center - Thomas Steinmann
Thomas Steinmann, born 1957
1977 starting training in about 50 different forms of therapy and methods of testing
1988 founding the institute for energetic test methods
1997 changing and expanding the institute – the morphogenetic center
2001 expansion with Deep Blue water diagnosis, water technology
Heading these institues in regard to research, development and management.
Projects completed respectively taken part in :
1988 Introducing the Aschoff testing method through our institute in Austria
1989-1997 researching methods for programming water which can be verified

participating on a project to regenerate water bodies (Dr.Graefe) in cooperation with the ecologic university of Bucarest (Prof. Dr. Maruta, Dr. Pap), covering about 40% of the surface area of Roumania, resulting in a 60% rise of harvests


development of the „Farbspektralpräparate“(roughly 400), at the same time rediscovery of the celtic – gaelic meridian system

1997 beginning to research the fieldbuilding capacity of minerals and metals using specific angles, unpublished
1998 beginning to develop devices to revitalize water and cells, mostly unpublished
2000-2001 crystallization technique presented at Luzern 11/2001
The Morphogenetic center now comprises Thomas Steinmann, 3 employees, several freelancers.