Morphogenetic center - Thomas Steinmann
Minerals semiprecious and precious stones are building fields if they are placed at certain angles. This is known to every geomanticist. We did research these fields for many years being interested in the results of using this earth science.
The effects of our devices are resulting from the fieldbuilding ability of different stones combined. These fields are being reinforced by special mineral compounds next to them. The angles of the stones are being fixed by casting them in concrete with the necessary minerals added.
The form of the casting in conjunction with the angling of the stones towards each other will concentrate the fields on certain areas. In this way we are able to determine where the maximal force is going to be effective.
The stones are anchored in their casting forms and therefor they are behaving as in their natural environment in the earth. They will hold their tension without being worn out.
In other words:
As long as the stones are fixed in their angles in their casting the fields remain active.
For as long as these devices are undamaged they will work continually without any loss of effectivity. There is simply no expiry date.
(They will even work with edges broken off. Total breaks only will destroy their effectivity).
Our devices do not contain metal parts. In this way there is no antenna function at all.They will not be inhibited in their function or effectivity by wireless, cell phones or any other field effects.
Our pendants are made with a special ceramic material. Everything stated before is valid for them too.
Our prices do include the Austrian 20% value added tax .