Morphogenetic center - Thomas Steinmann


We have examined the Danube with crystalizations for one year, from its springs down to Hainburg, Austrias borders to Hungary. We also examined the socalled flood of the century. We are working and preparing to show the results of our examinations at a series of international exhibitions – in cooperation with artists inspired by our crystallizations.
Water stored in human body - definition and diagnostic methods
Artificial snow - will keep longer, less frequent spraying, better plant growth on alpine pastures. Currently trial runs in Tyrol, after the tests it will be marketed in the whole of Austria.
Earthquake research i.e. early prognostication by taking samples daily from may to November on special sensitive sites. Currently we are working at the verification.
Comparing crystallizations of soils: usual and organic agriculture, comparing from october 2002 to october 2003. Also we are doing crystallization of special composts and fertilizers and are working on basic research for a plant, soil and fertilizer reference book.
Ascertaining the quality of homoeopathic remedies and other drugs and their effects on the human organism. Basic research for a new nature healing. This is planned for the next five years.
Feng Shui is it pure phantasy or can it be verified?
Fields found by radiaestesis – Imagination only or can the resonances be found in cristallizations of human cellwater?
Feuerbrand (a viral infection of plants especially fruit trees – highly contagious and dangerous : research and treatment in cooperation with K.D.Bauer, Gerhard Reitinger, Oö.
These are just a few of all the finished and envisioned projects.